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Biaxially-oriented PA film
Biaxially-oriented PA film

Biaxially-oriented PA film is called BOPA film for short. Its raw material is polycaprolaciam know as nylon 6 or PA6. The material is melt in the special equipment and extruded out and made into film through stretching vertically and horizontally,that is biaxially-oriented PA film.

Production features
¢Perfect for high-quality printing (one step film is better for high speed multicolor printing)
¢Excellent anti-stretching intensity, anti-striking and anti-threading
¢High prevention from smell and gas
¢Anti-lipid carbon oxide
¢Wide suitable temperature range (-60≧~150≧)esp. refrigerant package, vacuum package and retort pouch (one step film better for retort packaging)
¢Good transmittance and gloss

Because of the good speciality of BOPA film, it is widely used into industry, agriculture, food freshening and medicine package etc. Actually, it is hardly to use this film only. Normally it is laminated with other materials ( such as PE, EVA, PET, CPP aluminum foil and paper etc.) in order to get better comprehensive performance. After being laminated, they can be used into these fields: (1) Food package: vacuum refrigeration and vacuum retort package (ham, chicken, sausage and other flesh food), spice, salty food (pickles), axunge food, sea plant food, vegetable, tea and flavor etc. (2) Non-food package: disinfected medical appliance, cosmetics, scour, shampoo, integrated circuit and some other instrument.

Production grades
A grade (printing grade)
OA grade (printing grade)
OA1 grade (lanination grade)

Production specifications:
Thickness(μm) Width(mm) Length(m) Package
12/15/25 350-2200 6000/18000/24000 Paper Case
Wood pallet
Production physical performance:
The typical testing result of 15um BOPA film
Properties One step product Two step product Testing Method
Stretching Intensity(Mpa) (MD/TD) 200/230 240/260 ASDM D882
Tensile strength(%)(MD/TD) 90-110 100-130 ASDM D882
Shrinkage(%)(MD/TD) 1.5/0.8 2.0/2.0 ASDM D1204
Surface intension(Dyne/m) 56 56 ASDM D2578
Haze(%) 2 2 ASDM D1003
Vapor permeation(g/m2/24h) <260 <260 ASDM E96
Oxygen permeation(cm3/m2 24hatm) <50 <50 ASDM D1434
Glossness(%) >95 >95 ASDM D1746
Temperature(≧) -60~150 -60~150 ASDM D759

Notices for transportation and storage:
Take care during transportation in order to prevent collision, sunshine and rainfall.
The production should be stored in the clean and dry storage. Make it in good arrangement in order not to be out of shape or damaged by outside pressure. Keep the distance to the hot object in 2m at least. Storage expiry can not be more than half a year.

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